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Reflexology for Menopause

⭐There is so much focus now on using HRT to treat the symptoms if menopause. HRT does not suit everyone.

⭐Everyone's journey through menopause is individual

⭐Let Reflexology help with a specifically designed 90 minute treatment including face hands and feet.

⭐Focusing on all the key reflexes to help treat symptoms and balance hormones the natural way.

⭐Best effects are with a 12 week course but one off sessions also offered

⭐Special offer £10 off normal price for July and August bookings

⭐ £55 for 90 minute treatment (incl consultation) - savings will also apply to courses

⭐contact me for more details 

Post Maternity offer

Getting to know your new baby can be a challenge, along with issues caused by colic.

Baby Bowen is a very gentle technique that can be used from birth and can help. I will offer all maternity clients a free session and will also show parents how to use this treatment at home