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Self Help tips

What an awful time the past few weeks have been for us all. The impact on every part of our lives. Not being able to see family and friends, worrying about our elderly relatives, trying to teach our children at home. The impact on our jobs and businesses.

Stress levels are so high and it is important that we use this time as best as we can to support ourselves and our families. Keep to a routine, keep busy in the home and in the garden. Make the most of the time with your partner and children. If you are a working parent this can be a precious time that you never get. Try to keep the worries about money, health, jobs etc away as worry can have a negative impact on your immune system.

Here are a couple of self help tips that can help to reduce stress.

Firstly it is important to boost our immune system and one way is to focus on our nutrition. Many people have been stockpiling long life foods for use during this lockdown, whilst these foods are handy they are generally all processed and a lot of the key nutrients are removed during the processing.

The shops are still well stocked with fresh foods, meat, vegetables, eggs, and along with healthy grains, rice, and pasta can make very nutritious meals, such as stews, bolognese, curry, chilli, cottage pies, casseroles and soups that can be bulk cooked and stored in freezer. Bulk out the meat with lots of colourful vegetables, add in handfuls of fresh or frozen spinach.

Think about buying flour and yeast and making your own bread, or banana pancakes. get the kids involved, make it fun and not a chore

Here are some good points to massage on your feet that can help to cope with stress

This short tutorial has been shared by one of my Bowen Technique trainers.

It is very gentle and easy for everyone to learn and to assist any family members young or old who may have respiratory or asthma problems

.The instructions are below the video. Please pm me if you have any questions

Stay safe everyone !!

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