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The effects of a scar!

Every scar has a story and represents an event that created the scar, whether it be an accident, surgery, critical illness, personal attack. Even though some wounds may be more serious than others, they all bring with them emotional and physical issues that can last for many years.

Did you know that old scars could still be causing problems with pain, movement restriction, emotional trauma for many years after they were caused? The impact can be from the most simple scars like puncture wounds for epidurals, blood draws to major surgical scars.

When clients present with musculoskeletal issues and pain, it is important to review the cause of this pain or issue. From the research that has been carried out it was determined that the treatment of scar tissue is a vital element in the treatment of musculoskeletal and myofascial problems. Treatment of scar tissue may improve outcomes from other bodywork treatments.

Psychological and emotional improvements are also recorded

I had been following the research and some of the work carried out by Alistair McLoughlin an eminent Bowen Therapist and bodywork professional who has carried out extensive research and devised his own approach to scar work - McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique®

Alastair developed MSTR® over 10 years ago. His scar tissue work was just one of many innovative techniques he designed, used and refined over a period of nearly 40 years in his UK clinic. He has constantly revised his scar technique over the last decade. The result is a technique that creates changes in scar tissue that have not been seen before.

I was so excited to complete this training by Paula Esson who was also my Bowen Instructor from many years ago.

Training included us all making a list of scars we had..hmm most only had 1 or 2 that we thought were significant. Mostly Caesarian sections or small puncture wounds. However as the day went on, the list got bigger as we remembered operations and accidents we had forgotten!

We selected a few different types and worked on each other, all of us qualified in various other therapies. The results were incredible, from easing itching and improving feeling in 30 year old c section scars to seeing the impact of a toe injury impacting lots of further issues on the same side of the body including hip and knee pain and further injury.

I am so looking forward to adding this modality to my list of therapies, just need to finalise my case studies and then I will be ready to take bookings.

MSTR® can be used on other conditions not just visible scars, such as:

Plantar Fasciitis

Certain cases of frozen shoulder and Sports Injuries

Epidural and injection sites

You can find out more on the public FB page

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