• Lorraine Grove

World Reflexology week - 23 - 29th September

So hot on the heels of the first ever NI Reflexology Conference is World Reflexology week. It is so great to see the recognition that this amazing and ancient therapy is now getting, even in mainstream medicine.

Colleagues are being asked to deliver treatments in GP practices, Corporate companies all fr their staff. Whilst this is fantastic and is encouraging employers to take responsibility for their employee's wellness, the cynic in me thinks it is because they know there is so much stress in the workplace and it is to keep their staff in work.

However it is great to see the recognition and people taking responsibility and not being fobbed off by medications which can have many other side effects and keep people on the medical treadmill, fuelling the drug companies profits.

I want to build on the impetus of World Reflexology Week and encourage more people to experience Reflexology and see for themselves how it can improve their overall wellness. I will be offering 20% off all treatments over the week

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